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Appendix 3 - Resources and research papers

Optimum RPM factors
Crank length determination
Movement speed and concurrent training
Talent ID and Development
Max strength
Combined exposive and strength training
Differences between lab and field sprint tests
Torque and power-velocity relationships in Cycling
Validity of peak power from sprint test vs Wingate test
Aerobic and Anaerobic correlates of multiple sprints
Sprint (running) training on sloping surfaces
Modeling sprint cycling using field derived parameters and forward integration
Performance at high cadences in trained cyclists
Velocity specificity in early phase sprint training
Effects of sprint and plyometric training on muscle function and sprint performance
The influence of endurance training on multiple sprint cycling performance
Why power decreaase at high cadences
Power output demands of elite track sprint cycling
Multiple sprint work
Understanding sprint cycling performance
Maximal torque and power pedaling rate relationships for elite sprint cyclists
Power athletes and distance training
Nutritional guide for sprinters
Fatigue during Maximal Sprint Cycling
Unique Role of Cumulative Contraction Cycles, Tomas A, Ross EZ, Martin JC. Source Department of Exercise and Sport Science, the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0920, USA.
Handlebar reach and drop table
Talent ID Review
Cargo Cult Science
The first principle is that you must not fool yourself--and you are the easiest person to fool.
A WAV file for a starting gate
Shimano CM-1000 Dashware plugin
Put this in documents\dashware\dataprofiles
Big gear chart PDF
PDF of big gear chart for A4 printing
Big gear chart
Cadence vs speed, speed vs cadence for Target Cadence training - source spreadsheet
Coaching notes for teaching starts