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An overview of a heap of sprint drills

Motorcycle Team Sprint

In pairs, motor paced entry, riders in line, second rider tries to pass lead rider before finish line (200m) - emphasis - high speed accelerations

MACC (Motorpaced acceleration)

Motorbike accelerates at every corner for two laps

Motorpaced windout

Motorbike at 35km/h drops sharply into lane at 200m from top of bank, accelerates hard and keeps accelerating for 200m

Motorpaced revout

Motorbike starts at ~35km/h in the lane, gradually increases pace for specified number of laps.  Emphasis on legspeed

Entry + <distance>

Rider rides a flying 200 line (entry)

Motorbike entry + <distance>

Rider follows motorcycle for the windup, the motorbike rides an entry line but stays above the lane and the rider dives under just before the 200m line and rides the effort unassisted.

K1 - gate starts

Various distances - emphasis on strength

K1 h'cap

in pairs, one rider ~7m ahead (held) of gate, one in gate.  Gate started rider tries to catch held start rider

Powerjumps/RACs (rolling accelerations)

various distances, from a rolling start (generally 10km/h)

Handicap powerjumps/RACs

In pairs or more, chasing the lead rider.  Lead rider crosses pursuit line and accelerates, each rider starts to accelerate at the pursuit line, NOT reacting to the rider in front

Team flyers

Entry in a line, team sprint formation, riders pull off after either 1/2 or full lap aka a team sprint with an entry instead of a standing start

Motorbike windup

Motorbike rides on blue line at low speed (30-35km/h), rider dives under bike and accelerates, rides for variable distance depending on drill.

Motorbike entry +200 PASS

Rider follows entry line on motorbike, bike accelerates hard off the bank, rider must give space and then overtake the motorbike

Motorbike double-jumps

Rider follows motorbike on blue line, at ~80m before finish line mbike jumps from 35-65km/h, stays on blue line, rider should catch mbike by about 150m, rider then recovers behind bike for ~100m, rider then dives under bike into lane at 20-30m before 200m line and sprints 200.

Skills work


Layoff the leader

In pairs (usually) - following rider rides 2-3m behind and 1m above the leader.  The leader controls the position on the track, the follower determines the speed.

Watching for 3

In pairs (usually) the following rider sits some 2-3m behind the leader while the leader laps on the blue line. For the first lap the follower rides 1m above, for the second lap, 1m below and for the third lap the follower can duck and dive.  The leader must watch the follower all the time.


Break and Run

In pairs, the lead rider rides a flying 200, the following rider is hard on their wheel, at some point the following rider breaks off the wheel by riding up the track to take height, giving themselves two or more bike lengths separation, they then dive back into the lane and use the lead rider's draft to run them down and pass at speed.

Pass over the Leader

In pairs, the lead rider rides a "dumb donkey" line on the blue at a safe but constant speed.  The following rider lays off by 2-4m, as the pair comes into the bend, the following rider uses a seated acceleration to run at and over the top of the leader, jumping out of the saddle at the exit of the bend with the advantage of height and speed.


Force the Lead

In pairs, practicing forcing a following rider into the lead

One point Fives

One and a half lap match sprints for skill development.