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Race day timing

Work out when to warm up

If you're at a track race meeting, there'll be a big, complex race program, and you need to work out roughly when your races will be.  Here's some very rough approximations for how long individual races tend to take to help you out, where these involve starting gates that time is included, and this assumes a competent gate loading team and no crashes, pulled wheels etc.


Flying 200 (and Omnium flying lap) : 1:15

Match Sprint : 1:30-2:00

Keirin : 4:30

Kilo : 3:00

500m : 2:40

Mens team sprint : 2:00

Womens team sprint : 2:00


The endurance events can be pretty dreary, pursuit qualification in particular, these are rough estimates.

4,000m mens Team Pursuit : 5:20

4,000m IP 5:40

3,000m  womens team pursuit : 5:00

3,000m womens IP : 5:20


Scratch and points races are usually ridden at averages of around 48km/h for men and 38km/h for women, so a 10km men's race will take around 13 minutes, and 10km for women, around 16 minutes.