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SRM PCV data cable and Windows 10

IF you've moved to Windows 10 and your USB download stops working ....

Windows 10 is out, and it's a little different - it may have broken your USB download cable driver.

How we fixed it on our PC's, which may not have been the most efficient way to do it, but it worked.


Download the latest driver set from SRM here :


Uninstall your current drivers by plugging in the data download cable, going to the device manager, then "ports (COM & LPT), uninstall the driver for "Prolific USB-to Serial Comm Port"


Reboot (may not be necessary!)


Without the cable installed, run the driver set you just downloaded, then once it's done, plug in the data cable again.  It won't work (yet!).  Go back to the device manager, and select "properties" for the Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port.  Open the "Driver" tab.  "Update driver", "Browse my computer", "Let me pick from a list...."


Select the driver.


That worked for us on Win 10 Pro 32 bit and Win 10 Home 64 bit