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How to understand the program

We use a number of shorthand abbreviations, this is most of them.


  • TC - Target Cadence - the cadence you should get as a maximum
  • TC HOLD - Target Cadence that you then maintain for the duration of the effort
  • SC - Starting Cadence - the cadence you start the effort at, this will be zero if you're doing starts from a starting gate
  • TS - top speed - we're working on just going as fast as possible, usually free choice of gears/cadence
  • MAC - Motorbike acceleration - all the way behind the motorbike
  • RAC - Rolling acceleration - no help, do this all on your own
  • Mbike D'off - Motorbike drop off. Motorbike brings you up to the starting cadence then gets out of the way
  • R/L 100 - Rider last 100m, from a MAC, eg 375 meters, the motorbike will swing out of the way with 100m left to go
  • React - effort done in pairs or more - when one rider initiates an acceleration and the other(s) react to it
  • NS - Negative Split - try to go faster through the effort
  • AC - Anaerobic capacity.  Bring your bucket, you might bring lunch back up
  • RI - recovery interval - how much time between efforts
  • OD&D - Over, Duck and Dive - our basic on track skill drill that we then add things to to work on skills and tactical play
  • SF - Start from location on track
  • FA - Finish at location on track
  • Seated - Seated! - Our default is out of the saddle to start an acceleration