How to break off a wheel, give space and then pass a leader

This is a skills drill, teaching a following rider how to break off the wheel of a leader by giving space and height, and then using the draft of the lead rider to accelerate past the leader.

Break and run diagramThis drill also is useful for teaching the following rider timing for when and where to pass and gaining the confidence to give space to accelerate in to rather than being stuck on a lead rider's wheel.

When giving space it is important that the following rider (red saddle in the diagram) takes height to give distance rather than soft pedals.  The diagram for this drill shows the break off being done in turn 1, but it can occur at any point on the track, as speed, race tactics and gearing will dictate different places to make the passing move.  Generally using the bank as shown in the diagram will work best as the run off out of turn 2 will assist in accelerating past the lead rider, but it is not always the best place to start the move.